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Art Cinema Award pour Consequences, de Darko Štante, lors du Jameson CineFest à Miskolc

Le film Consequences (Posledice) de Darko Štante, a reçu le Art Cinema Award lors du Jameson CineFest en Miskolc, Hongrie.

Consequences - film still by Darko ŠTANTE

Informations sur le film

Consequences (Posledice)
Slovénie, Autriche, 2018, 95 minutes
Réalisation : Darko Štante
Scénario : Darko Štante
Cast : Matej Zemljič, Timon Šturbej, Gašper Markun, Lovro Zafred, Lea Cok, Rosana Hribar, Blaž Setnikar
Production : Jerca Jerič, Andraž Jerič


The 18-year-old Andrej is sent to a youth detention center due to problematic behaviour. There he meets Željko, the informal leader of the detainees. Upon discovering Andrej’s secret, Željko soon begins to take advantage of him: Andrej’s sense of responsibility and moral integrity are put on trial. Ultimately, he must choose between Željko and his reckless lifestyle, or staying true to himself.

Décision du jury :

The CICAE jury appreciates the quality of CineFest Miskolc film festival and its friendly and professional organizers. The high level of films in the competition programme makes this festival really special.

The jury was unanimous to give the award to the directorial debut that brings a fresh and raw look at bullying, life in institution and broken social relations. At moments brutal yet very sensitive study of male characters make this film an emotional rollercoaster for generations to come. Naturalistic approach, creative camera, crisp photography, modern trap soundtrack and especially the confident performances of young actors make Darko Štante’s Consequences a winner of CICAE award at Miskolc CineFest 2018.

Le jury était composé de :

Samo Senicar, Mestni kino Metropol, Slovénie
Magdalena Gruber, Lichtspiel & Kunsttheater Schauburg Dortmund, Allemagne
Federico Babini, Spazio Alfieri, Italie

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