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CICAE Art Cinema Awards 2000-2016


Ciné Junior

BANANA, Andrea Jublin

Berlinale Forum

ILEGITIM, Andrian Sitaru

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Berlinale Panorama


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Cinema en Construcción (Cinélatino)


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Vilnius International Film Festival

A GOOD WIFE, Mirjana Karanović

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

WOLF AND SHEEP, Shahrbanoo Sadat

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– Ciné Junior : « Spartacus et Cassandra », Ioanis Nuguet

– Berlinale Forum : « Zurich », Sacha Polak

– Berlinale Panorama : « Que Horas Ela Volta? », Anna Muylaert

– FIFA Mons : « The Tribe », Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

– Vilnius International Film Festivals : « Koza », Ivan Ostrochovský

– Cinema en Construcción (Cinélatino) : « Desde Allá », Lorenzo Vigas

– Quinzaine des Réalisateurs : « El Abrazo de la Serpiente », Ciro Guerra

– Sarajevo Film Festival : «The High Sun», Dalibor Matanić

– Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival : « Mediterranea », Jonas Carpignano

– Annecy Cinéma Italien, « Banana », Andrea Jublin

– Hamburg International Film Festival : « Mustang », Deniz Gamze Ergüven


Ciné Junior 24, Val de Marne (France)

Bauyr (Little Brother)

Kazakhstan / 2013

By Serik Aprymov

64. Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Kuzu (The Lamb)

Turkey, Germany / 2014

By Kutluğ Ataman

64. Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

She’s Lost Control

USA / 2014

By Anja Marquardt

30th Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons (Belgium)

Everyone’s Going To Die

Great Britain / 2014

By Jones

19th Vilnius International Film Festival, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Razredni Sovraznik (Class Enemy)

Slovenia / 2013

by Rok Bicek

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 25, Toulouse (France)

Ausência (Abscence)

Brazil, Chile, France / 2013

by Chico Teixeira

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2014, Cannes (France)

Les Combattants

France / 2014

by Thomas Cailley

30th Festroia, Setubal (Portugal)

Someone You Love

Denmark / 2014

by Pernille Fischer Christensen

30th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia)


Austria / 2014

by Sudabeh Mortezai

71st Venice International Film Festival, Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

Heaven Knows What

USA / 2014

by Josh and Ben Safdie

Film Fest Hamburg 2014, Hamburg (Germany)

GETT – The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

France, Germany, Israel / 2014

by Shlomi and Ronit Elkabetz

32th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Più Buio di Mezzanotte

Italy / 2014

by Sebastiano Riso


63th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Rock The Casbah

Israel / 2013

by Yariv Horovitz

63th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Grzeli Nateli Dgeebi (In Bloom)

Georgia, France, Germany / 2013

by Simon Groß and Nana Ekvtimishvili

Ciné Junior 23, Val de Marne (France)

The Magic Piano

UK / 2011

by Martin Clapp 

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 24, Toulouse (France)


Peru, Colombia / 2014

by Enrica Pérez

18th Vilnius International Film Festival, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Keep Smiling

Georgia / 2012

by Rusudan Chkonia

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2013, Cannes (France)

Les Garçons et Guillaume, à Table

France / 2013

Guillaume Gallienne

29th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia)

Bejbi Blues (Baby Blues)

Poland / 2012

by Kasia Roslaniec

14th Circuito Off International Short Film Festival, Venice (Italy)


Canada / 2013

by Phillip Barker

70th Venice International Film Festival, Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

Still Life

Great Britain,Italy / 2013

by Uberto Pasolini 

Film Fest Hamburg 2013, Hamburg (Germany)

Venus In Fur

France / 2013

Roman Polanski

31st Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)


Italy / 2013

Elisa Fuksas


62th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Death For Sale

Belgium, France, Marocco / 2011

by Faouzi Bensaïdi

62th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Kazoku No Kuni (Our Homeland)

Japan / 2012

by Yong-hi Yang

Ciné Junior 22, Val de Marne (France)

The Forgiveness of Blood

USA, Albania / 2010

by Joshua Marston

17th Vilnius International Film Festival, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Best Intentions

Romania / 2011

by Adrian Sitaru

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2012, Cannes (France)


Chile / 2012

by Pablo Larrain

30th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Tra Cinque Minuti In Scena

Italy / 2012

by Laura Chiossone

Film Fest Hamburg 2012, Hamburg (Germany)

Lawrence Anyways

Canada / 2012

Xavier Dolan

Festroia Film Festival 2012, Setubal (Portugal)

Vuosaari (Naked Harbour)

Finland / 2012

by Aku Louhimies

Locarno Film Festival 2012, Locarno (Switzerland)

Museum Hours

Austria, USA / 2012

by Jem Cohen

28th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia)

Crossing Boundaries

Germany / 2012

by Florian Flicker

69th Venice International Film Festival, Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)


Saudi Arabia, Germany / 2012

by Haifaa Al Mansour

13th Circuito Off International Short Film Festival, Venice (Italy)


Germany / 2011

by Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 23, Toulouse (France)

Tanta Agua

Uruguay, Mexico, The Netherlands, Germany / 2012

Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge


61th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)


USA / 2010

by Braden King

61th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)


Albania, Greece, France / 2011

by Bujar Alimani

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 23, Toulouse (France)


Chile, France, Argentina, Portugal / 2011

by Cristián Jiménez

16th Vilnius International Film Festival, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Na Putu (On the Path)

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria, Germany / 2010

by Jasmila Žbanić

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2011, Cannes (France)

Les Géants

Belgium, Luxembourg, France / 2011

by Bouli Lanners

Festroia Film Festival 2011, Setubal (Portugal)

Frit Fald (Rebounce)

Denmark / 2011

by Heidi Maria Faisst

Locarno Film Festival 2011, Locarno (Switzerland)

Onder Ons (Among Us)

The Netherlands / 2011

by Marco Van Geffen

27th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia)

Atmen (Breathing)

Austria / 2011

by Karl Markovics

68th Venice International Film Festival, Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

O Le Tulafale (The Orator)

Samoa, New Zealand / 2011

by Tusi Tamasese

29th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Corpo Celeste

Italy, Switzerland, France / 2011

by Alba Rohrwacher

Film Fest Hamburg 2011, Hamburg (Germany)

Monsieur Lazhar

Canada / 2011

by Philippe Falardeau


60th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Kawasaki’s Rose

Czech Republik / 2009

by Jan Hřebejk

60th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Winter’s Bones

USA / 2010

by Debra Granik

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 22, Toulouse (France)

Los Colores De Las Montañas

Columbia, Paraguay / 2010

by Carlos C. Arbeláez

15th Vilnius International Film Festival, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Eastern Plays

Bulgaria, Sweden / 2009

by Kamen Kavel

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2010, Cannes (France)

Lily Sometimes

France / 2010

by Fabienne Berthaud

Festroia Film Festival 2010, Setubal (Portugal)

All That I Love

Poland / 2009

by Jacek Borcuch

Locarno Film Festival 2010, Locarno (Switzerland)

White White World

Serbia, Germany, Sweden / 2010

by Oleg Novkovic

26th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia)

Bibliotheque Pascal

Hungary, Germany, Romania, UK / 2010

by Szabolcs Hajdu

67th Venice International Film Festival, Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

The Sleeping Beauty

France / 2010

by Catherine Breillat

28th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Le Quattro Volte

Italy / 2010

Michelangelo Frammartino

Film Fest Hamburg 2010, Hamburg (Germany)

Nowhere Boy

UK, Canada / 2009

by Sam Taylor-Wood

Ciné Junior 20, Val de Marne (France)

Kurak Korpe (Patchwork Quilt)

Kazakhstan / 2009

by Rustem Abdrashev


59th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)


Spain, Basque Country / 2009

by Roberto Caston

59th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

The Happiest Girl In The World

Romania, The Netherlands / 2009

by Radu Jude

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2009, Cannes (France)

J’Ai Tué Ma Mère (I Killed My Mother)

Canada / 2009

by Xavier Dolan

Locarno Film Festival 2009, Locarno (Switzerland)

Nothing Personal

The Netherlands, Ireland / 2009

by Urszula Antoniak

25th Festroia, Setubal (Portugal)

Forbidden Fruit

Finland, Sweden / 2009

by Dome Karukoski

14th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Eastern Plays

Bulgaria, Turkey, UK / 2009

by Kamen Kalev

66th Venice International Film Festival – Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

Io Sono L’Amore

Italy / 2009

by Luca Guadagnino

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2009, Toulouse (France)

Perpetuum Mobile

Mexico / 2009

by Nicolás Pereda

27th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

La Bella Gente

Italy / 2009

by Ivano De Matteo

Filmfest Hamburg 2009, Hamburg (Germany)

Soul Kitchen

Germany/ 2009

by Faith Akin

19th Ciné Junior 94, Val de Marne (France)

With The Girl of Black Soil

South Korea / 2007

by Jeon Soo-il


58th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)


Austria / 2008

by Götz Spielmann

58th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

United Red Army

Japan / 2007

by Wakamatsu Koji

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2008, Cannes (France)

Blind Loves

Slovakia / 2008

by Juraj Lehotsky

Locarno Film Festival 2008, Locarno (Switzerland)


Turkey / 2008

by Özcan Alper

24th Festroia, Setubal (Portugal)


Israel / 2008

by Amos Kollek

13th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


Hungary, Germany / 2008

by Kornel Mundruczo

65th Venice International Film Festival – Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

Dikoe Pole (Wild Field)

Russia / 2008

by Mikheil Kalatozishvili

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2008, Toulouse (France)

Tony Manero

Chile / 2008

by Pablo Larrain

26th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Riprendimi (Good Morning Heartache)

Italy / 2008

by Anna Negri

Filmfest Hamburg 2008, Hamburg (Germany)

35 Shots of Rum

France, Germany/ 2008

by Claire Denis

18th Ciné Junior 94, Val de Marne (France)

Partes Usadas

France, Spain, Mexico / 2007

by Aaron Fernandez

Aubervilliers International Children’s Film Festival 2008, Aubervilliers (France)

Little Fugitive

USA / 1953

by Morris Engel, Ray Ashley and Ruth Orkin


57th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

The Bubble

Israel / 2006

by Eytan Fox

57th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)


Switzerland, Germany / 2007

by Stefan Schwietert

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2007, Cannes (France)


Ireland / 2007

by Lenny Abrahamson

Locarno Film Festival 2007, Locarno (Switzerland)


Spain / 2007

by James Marqués

23rd Festroia, Setubal (Portugal)

The Art of Crying

Denmark / 2005

by Peter Schonau Fog

12th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


Turkey / 2006

by Özer Kiziltan

64th Venice International Film Festival – Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

With The Girl of Black Soil

South Korea / 2007

by Jeon Soo-il

Cinélatino 2007, San Sebastián (Spain)

Brick Lane

UK / 2007

by Sarah Gavron

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2007, San Sebastián (Spain)


Guatemala / 2008

by Julio Hernández Cordón

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2007, Toulouse (France)

Por Sus Propios Ojos (Proper Eyes)

Argentina / 2007

by Liliana Paolinelli

25th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)


Italy / 2007

by Salvatore Maira

17th Ciné Junior 94, Val de Marne (France)

Through My Thick Glasses

Norway / 2005

by Pjotr Sapegin


56th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Little Red Flowers

China, Italy / 2006

by Zhang Yuan

56th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Karov La Bayit (Close To Home)

Israel / 2005

by Dalia Hager, Vidi Bilu

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2006, Cannes (France)

Anche Libero Va Bene

Italy/ 2006

by Kim Rossi Stuart

Locarno Film Festival 2006, Locarno (Switzerland)

Jimmy Della Collina

Italy / 2006

by Enrico Pau

22nd Festroia, Setubal (Portugal)

Odgrobadogroba (Gravehopping)

Croatia, Slovakia / 2005

by Jan Cvitkovic

11th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Hirtia Va Fi Albastra (Paper will be blue)

Romania / 2006

by Radu Munteau

63rd Venice International Film Festival – Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

The US vs. John Lennon

USA / 2006

by David Leaf, John Scheinfield

Cinélatino 2006, San Sebastián (Spain)


UK / 2004-2006

by Sean Ellis

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2006, San Sebastián (Spain)

La Casa De Alice

Brasil / 2007

by Chico Teixeira

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2006, Toulouse (France)

El Baño Del Papa

Uruguay / 2007

by Enrique Fernández, César Charlone

24th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Il Vento Fa Il Suo Giro

Italy / 2005

by Giorgio Diritti

16th Ciné Junior 94, Val de Marne (France)

Bland Tistlar

Sweden / 2005

by Uzi Geffenblad

Aubervilliers International Children’s Film Festival 2006, Aubervilliers (France)

Orzu Ortida (The Teenager)

Uzbekistan / 2004

by Yalkin Tuychiev


55th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)


Belgium, France / 2004

by Bouli Lanners

55th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Odessa, Odessa…

Israel, France / 2005

by Michale Boganim

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2005, Cannes (France)

Sisters in Law

UK / 2005

by Kim Longinotto, Florence Ayisi

Locarno Film Festival 2005, Locarno (Switzerland)

Un Couple Parfait

Japan, France / 2005

by Nobuhiro Suwa

10th Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Lady Zee

Bulgaria / 2005

by Georgi Djulgerov

62nd Venice International Film Festival – Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

Hong Yan (Dam Street)

China / 2005

by Li Yu

Cinélatino 2005, San Sebastián (Spain)


France / 2004

by José Alcala

Cinélatino – Cine En Construcción 2005, San Sebastián (Spain)

El Violin

Mexico / 2005

by Francisco Vargas

23rd Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)


Italy / 2004

by Francesco Munzi

15th Ciné Junior 94, Val de Marne (France)


France, Italy, Iran / 2003

by Abolfazl Jalili


54th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

O Outro Lado Da Rua

Brazil, France / 2004

by Marcos Bernstein

54th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)


Chile, Spain, Venezuela / 2003

by Gonzalo Justiniano

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2004, Cannes (France)

The Woodsman

USA / 2004

by Nicole Kassell

Locarno Film Festival 2004, Locarno (Switzerland)

Okhotnik (The Hunter)

Khazakhstan, Japan, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands / 2003

by Serik Aprymov

61st Venice International Film Festival – Orizzonti, Venice (Italy)

La Femme de Gilles

Belgium, France, Luxembourg / 2004

by Frédéric Fonteyne

Cinélatino 2004, San Sebastián (Spain)

El Cielito

Argentina, France / 2004

by Maria Victoria Menis

22nd Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

La Spettatrice

Italy / 2004

by Paolo Franchi

Aubervilliers International Children’s Film Festival 2004, Aubervilliers (France)


Chile, Spain, France / 1973

by Andrés Wood

14th Ciné Junior 94, Val de Marne (France)


Italy / 2003

by Costanza Quatriglio


53rd Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Knafayim Shvurot

Israel / 2002

by Nir Bergman

53rd Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Amarelo Manga

Brazil / 2002

by Claudio Assis

18th Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons (Belgium)

Oltre Il Confine

Switzerland, Italy / 2002

by Rolando Colla

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2003, Cannes (France)


Afghanistan / 2003

by Siddiq Barmak

Locarno Film Festival 2003, Locarno (Switzerland)

Bom, Yeoreum, Gaeul, Gyeowool, Geurigo, Bom

South Korea / 2003

by Kim Ki-Duk

Cinélatino 2003, San Sebastián (Spain)

Girl With A Pearl Earring

UK, Luxembourg / 2003

by Peter Webber

21st Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)


Italy / 2003

by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

Ciné Junior 13, Val de Marne (France)


Belgium / 2002

by Dominique Standaert


52nd Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)


USA / 2001

by Leon Ichaso

52nd Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Elämän Äidit (Mothers of Life)

Finland / 2002

by Anastasia Lapsui and Markku Lehmuskall

17th Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons (Belgium)

Silencio Roto

Spain / 2001

by Montxo Armendariz

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2002, Cannes (France)

Morvern Callar

UK / 2002

by Lynne Ramsay

Locarno Film Festival 2002, Locarno (Switzerland)


Belgium / 2002

by Dorothée Van den Berghe

Cinélatino 2002, San Sebastián (Spain)

Historias Minimas (Intimate Stories)

Argentina, Spain / 2002

by Carlos Sorin

20th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)


Italy / 2002

by Daniele Segre

Ciné Junior 12, Ivry (France)

A Room for Romeo Brass

UK / 1999

by Shane Meadows

Aubervilliers International Children’s Film Festival 2002, Aubervilliers (France)

Le Diregeable Vole

Czech Republic / 1967

by Karel Zeman


51st Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)

Late Night Shopping

UK / 2001

by Saul Metzstein

51st Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

Love / Juice

Japan / 2000

by Kaze Shind

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2001, Cannes (France)


Tunisia, France / 2001

by Khaled Ghorbal

Locarno Film Festival 2001, Locarno (Switzerland)

The Lawless Heart

UK / 2001

by Neil Hunter and Tom Hunsinger

19th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

Sole Negli Occhi

Italy / 2001

by Andrea Porporati

Ciné Junior 11, Choisy-le-roi (France)


Greece / 1999

by Costas Kapakas


50th Berlinale – Panorama, Berlin (Germany)


Ireland / 2000

by Conor McPherson

50th Berlinale – Forum, Berlin (Germany)

I earini synaxis ton agrofylakon (Four Seasons Of The Law)

Greece / 1999

by Dimos Adveliodis

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2000, Cannes (France)

Zamani barayé masti asbha (A Time for Drunken Horses)

Iran / 2000

by Bahman Ghobadi

Locarno Film Festival 2000, Locarno (Switzerland)


Japan / 2000

by Naomi Kawase

18th Annecy – Cinéma Italien, Annecy (France)

20 – Venti (Twenty)

Italy / 2000

by Marco Pozzo

Cannes Junior 2000, Cannes (France)


Portugal / 1999

by Antonio-Pedro Vasconcelos

Aubervilliers International Children’s Film Festival 2000, Aubervilliers (France)

Le Violloncelliste

Japan / 1981

by Isao Takahata

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