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Unterstützen wir die Arthouse-Kinos: Cineciutat, Centro Arte Alameda, Moviemento, Bío Paradís

Unterstützen wir die Arthouse-Kinos: Cineciutat, Centro Arte Alameda, Moviemento, Bío Paradís

During the past months some cinemas of the CICAE network have been facing serious difficulties. Nevertheless, the common thread of these cultural spaces is the support they are receiving from their local and international communities. All aware of the paramount work they do in terms of sharing important values of cultural diversity and enrichment, of creating a safe place for the audiences who can exchange ideas, opinions, of supporting social inclusivity and most of all showing touching, beautiful, unforgettable audiovisual works.

The cinemas are: CineCiutat (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), Kino Moviemento (Berlin, Germany), Bío Paradís (Reykjavik, Iceland) and Centro Arte Alameda (Santiago, Chile).

Here some latest news on their situation. Every one of us should support them!

Cineciutat, Spain

CineCiutat wasn’t supposed to exist. Eight years ago, the market said there was no place in a small city of a non-cinema-supportive country for a project dedicated to art-house films (moreover if they were in their original language) and that’s why the previous cinema closed. However, the people from Mallorca begged to differ and that’s how CineCiutat was born: a non-profit and participative project for art-house films, committed to social and environmental action, the support of local talent and culture, and to become a meeting point for its community and share it worldwide.

During these eight years we managed to consolidate a growing audience, a base of 1.000 members, to become the home for the major film festivals in the islands and develop programmes, partnerships and actions recognised, awarded and shared by and with our peers (from young audience programmes, to social-awareness campaigns and becoming Spain’s first cinema running on 100% renewable energy). However, despite all this, we have barely survived due to the expensive rent (10.000€/month for a municipality-owned building) and the lack of any direct or indirect public support for exhibitors, having no margin for technical innovation or even basic maintenance.

Due to changes in legislation, we are now forced to renovate our electrical and security systems to avoid closure. That’s why, after years considering the possibility, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign, not only to avoid this, but to accomplish the infrastructure that would catapult CineCiutat to its full potential and Save CineCiutat once and for all.
The market, once again, tried to tell us these projects shouldn’t exist. People, once again, responded: in 15 days over 900 have donated over 56.000€ and we are starting negotiations with public institutions.

We are still far from the shore, but you can help us get there. Go to before the 1st of May to watch our video, read more about the project and see the wonderful rewards we’ve prepared for you (including international ones!).

Life in art-house cinema may not be easy, but it certainly is wonderful. We feel honoured of being part of this community and grateful that you become part of our (hi)story. Together, let’s #SaveCineCiutat!

By Javier Pachón, President of CineCiutat

Centro Arte Alameda, Chile

On December 27, the Centro Arte Alameda was victim of a fire which completely destroyed the space. To help the reconstruction of the space, which besides the cinema also included an art gallery, a space for music and theatres and other events, visual artists and other cultural professionals have started a campaign called “Todos somos el Alameda”. The campaign consists in the sale of work of arts, donated by Chilean artists, on the platform

Donations can be done directly to the account of Centro Arte Alameda. More information here.

In the meantime, all the screenings and events of the association will be held in other venues.

Kino Moviemento, Germany

The oldest cinema in Berlin risks closing its doors as the landlord wants to sell the space for three times more the original value. To prevent this and to buy the entire space, the team of Moviemento decided to start a crowdfunding campaign “Be a moviemento hero”, for which the first goal of €100,000 has been reached.

However, the survival of the cinema needs more support and the team is trying to raise €1,600,000 by October 2020.

To raise further awareness also among the international film community, Mastercard supported the campaign with promotion and public advertisement, throughout the duration of the 70th Berlinale.

Donations can be done here:

Bíó Paradís, Iceland

The Icelandic arthouse cinema is still fighting to keep its doors and space open. The open letter sent by Christian Bräuer, in the name of CICAE, to the Icelandic authorities, together with the statements of other European institutions, seems to have produced a resonance.

Cinema manager, Hrönn Sveinsdottir said to Screen Daily: “We are still in negotiations with the city, state and the owners, and we think there is a chance we can continue to exist at this place.
What has made a big difference is the public outcry and support everyone is experiencing – including those parties – so it is very important to make that support visible and clear. It is great to get letters of support from organizations like EFA (European Film Academy) and CICAE (International Confederation of Art Cinemas).

A petition has been launched to ask the support of the international film community.

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