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Sofia Innovation Lab 2016 für CICAE-Kinobetreiber

Sofia Innovation Lab 2016 für CICAE-Kinobetreiber

Europa Cinemas invites you to participate in a four day Lab as part of Sofia International Film Festival in Bulgaria.

Europa Cinemas Audience Development & Innovation Lab

“Creating active and diverse relationships with our communities”

Sofia – Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th March, 2016

Directed by Madeleine Probst (Vice-President of Europa Cinemas and Producer, Watershed Media Centre in Bristol, Great-Britain) together with Marynia Gierat (Manager, Kino Pod Baranami in Krakow, Poland) and Sylvain Chevreton (Young Audience Coordinator, Le Méliès in Saint-Etienne, France), this seminar is an opportunity for cinema professionals from a diverse range of national contexts to exchange practice based expertise and experiences with a focus on dynamic new approaches to audience development.

A central theme will be the potential for cinemas to build trusted and relevant audience facing brands, on and offline, and create active relationships with their communities in order to thrive.

Questions raised will include:

What dynamic methods of communication can we use to build new audiences and renew existing relationships?

How well do we actually know our communities and to what extent can data help create a relevant offer and build audiences?

How can we make a better case for community buy-in and attract new investment?

How can we be more accessible and open to audience participation in developing our relationships with new and diverse audiences?

What are the opportunities for cinemas as vital social, educational and cultural spaces in their communities?

How can we work more effectively with our peers and other parts of the sector to maximise the visibility of films and collectively develop brand “cinema”?


This seminar is open to all European exhibitors, members of Europa Cinemas network or not. The number of participants is limited to 30 people. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. However, priority will be given to exhibitors who never attended a Europa Cinemas Seminar before and to exhibitors from Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan countries.


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