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Reopening cinemas: Chassé Cinema in Breda

Reopening cinemas: Chassé Cinema in Breda

In this article, we have the feedback of Chassé cinema’s team in the Netherlands on how was their reopening experience.

Cinemas across the world have slowly started reopening. Curious to know what it feels like to go back to the cinema after months of closure, we have asked some of our members to give us their feedback on the reopening experience.

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Chassé, Breda (the Netherlands)

We talked with Casper Houtman, cinema manager at Chassé

How was the experience of reopening? How did your audience react?

The reopening was a relief for our company. After a long period of incertainty we finally had a start! Due to the social distancing restrictions we really have to invent a new way of the visitors experience. At first it was mostly practical and hygienical but as the days and experience proceeded and we now have a pretty confortable cinema experience again. The initial reactions of the audience were great. The visitors let us know that all the hygienical precautionary measures were perceived as very thorough and thus gave them a safe feeling. In the end it really feels like we started a new cinema from scratch, but with the expertise we already had in-house!

What worked out best at reopening your cinema?

Can’t really say that at this early stage. But the visitors are evenly divided over the different genres, just as before the crisis.

Have there been any unforeseen difficulties around the reopening?

Although I don’t really want to focus on the negative things we were amazed by some people who didn’t comply with the precautionary measures. They felt they were threatened in their being and had an anti-authoritarian stance. In those cases we really had to explain (again) that we could only open WITH this measures. But hey, in the end everybody left happy and sanitised again!


How did you implement the security and health guidelines given by the authorities of your country?

In fact we made a informative movie about this subject which is sent to our customers in advance and which is also shown before the screening.


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