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Mitglieder 2014 – 2015


  1. Anmeldung: Füllen Sie das  Beitrittsformular aus.
  2. Aufnahme: Bei der nächsten Verwaltungsratssitzung wird über Ihr Beitrittsgesuch entschieden.
  3. Mitgliedsbeiträge: Bei positivem Bescheid wird die Mitgliedschaft mit Eingang des Mitgliedsbeitrags rechtskräftig.
  • Kat. A: 31€ pro Filmkunsttheatermitglied der nationalen Vereinigung
  • Kat. B: 46 € pro Filmkunsttheater
  • Kat. C: 460 €
  • Kat. D: zwischen 46€ und 460€, nach Bewerbungsprüfung seitens des Vorstands/ natürliche oder juristische Personen, die spezifische Maßnahme zur Verbreitung von Kultur durch den Film unternehmen, ohne ein Kino oder ein Festival zu vertreten

Anmerkung: Die endgültige Mitgliedschaft wird erst mit der Ratifizierung durch die Hauptversammlung auf dem Festival von Cannes erlangt. Die Filmkunsttheater in Ländern, in denen die CICAE über ein Filmkunsttheaternetzwerk verfügt, können durch Beitritt zum jeweiligen Netzwerk Mitglied werden.

[Für die komplette Liste der Mitgliedskinos klicken Sie auf das Bild]



CICAE is first of all the only international association of art house cinema theatres, worldwide.

Art cinemas are in danger, in Europe and everywhere else: every day one or more art house cinema theatres close and cultural diversity is threatened by the vertical integration of the film industry. The quality of the programming and job that the arthouse operators do every day with their publics is still not considered enough as a social, economic and political fundamental value from the public bodies. The main goal of the CICAE since 1955 is to defend the cultural diversity and the diffusion of the quality and independent films worldwide. Being part of the CICAE means to belong to the only association who can defend your rights and your quality job to the national and international public bodies, such as the European Commission.


Represent your institution and the CICAE at major European festivals

The CICAE has established partnerships with festivals and festival members all over Europe. Part of these partnerships is based on hosting an international jury of CICAE members that will assign the CICAE ART CINEMA AWARD. You too could become member of one of these juries! Check the list of the festivals on and send us your application, then travel to the festival with a special jury accreditation! As a jury member your name and your institution will be quoted in all information and press releases sent by the CICAE.

Be directly informed about the CICAE ART CINEMA AWARD’s winners and receive all information about the awarded film: distributors’ and sale agents’ contacts as well as, most importantly, your peers film recommendations!

The ART CINEMA AWARD is given at major European festivals by an international jury of independent cinema programmers. This award aims at promoting high quality film in the art cinema community, also promoting films from young directors and productions coming from less-recognized countries. The award also encourages this film’s circulation and helps finding an audience in art cinemas.


Obtain the rights to use the CICAE- logo on your promotional material and website.

Inform the CICAE about any action or news in your cinema/institution and we will promote it throughout the website and mailing to 1600 members and more than 1140 Facebook friends in more than 31 countries


Arrived to its 12th edition, Art Cinema = Action + Management is the only annual training programme in the world for professionals of the arthouse film exhibition industry.

The training is organised within the framework of the European Union’s MEDIA Programme, and gather together around 50 participants, 30 trainers, from around 20 different nationalities. The training is simultaneously translated in 4 languages (English, French, German, Italian).

The next edition will take place in Venice, from 31st August to 7th September, during the International Venice Film Festival, which is member of the CICAE and partner of the training.

Send us your suggestions about a specific topic: you could be invited to give a speech or if you or someone of your institution is looking for professional development, don’t hesitate to apply as a “junior” or “executive” trainee, from 1st April to 31st May 2015, on our website : www.


Benefit from the full contacts of the CICAE network published in the members’ catalogue.

Be always informed and protected by all successful actions undertaken by the CICAE and its partners on the international and European political scene.

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