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Die CICAE auf dem Cannes Festival 2016

Die CICAE auf dem Cannes Festival 2016

The CICAE was again in Cannes during the 2016 International Film Festival for several matters.

CICAE General Assembly

The General Assembly took place on 12th May. Two historic members of the Board of Directors were elected honorary members unanimously: Micheline Gardez and Alain Bouffartigue. Renaud Laville, general secretary of the AFCAE, was elected treasurer of the CICAE. Sino Caracappa, vice-président de la FICE, joined the the Board of Directors as a representative of A members. Some members were reelected: Detlef Rossmann, CICAE president; Domenico Dinoia, representative of A members; Nikos Grigoriadis, representative of B members; and Eva Morsch Kihn, representative of C members. François Aymé, the AFCAE president, Christian Bräuer and Domenico Dinoia were appointed vice-presidents. Lucia Recalde, Head of MEDIA Unit, took part in the Exhibitors’ Lunch after the Assembly.

Mario Fortin, Domenico Dinoia, Pedro Barbadillo, Lucia Recalde, François Aymé, Christian Bräuer, Detlef Rossmann

Press conference

Shortly after the General Assembly a press conference was hold, during which the CICAE announced its two big projects for 2016: the first European Art Cinema Day, which will take place on 9th October, and Green Screens, which aims at making cinemas more eco-friendly.

François Aymé, Detlef Rossmann, Pedro Barbadillo

CICAE Cocktail

The CICAE also organised the Art Cinema Cocktail with the AFCAE and the AG Kino. This cocktail took place on 13th May at the Rendez-vous des exploitants, the meeting point for AFCAE members during the Cannes Festival. Exhibitors from numerous countries came and exchanged about their projects.

Jan Runge, Nico Simon, Christian Bräuer, Detlef Rossmann

Film Market

We were also at the Film Market! The AFCAE and the CICAE shared again a stand at booth 19.02. We were able to meet a lot of professionals from other countries and tell them about the CICAE’s activities. The European Art Cinema Day and Green Screens projects were greeted with enthousiasm.



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