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Reverb caught up with ex Gigbot CEO and ex Ticketfly CTO Sean

Try Sudoku, Texas Hold’em, or Magic Cube. Want to see a vacation destination? Pull up Google Maps and plan your sightseeing route. Want to keep your kids occupied? Pull up matching cards, a storybook or a phonics game.. Pandora, your mom favorite internet radio service, has made its first foray into the ticketing business, acquiring Ticketfly for a paltry $450 million dollars in cash and stocks.Aside from their logo on your stub, you may know the San Fransisco based Ticketfly as the company that bought the Denver based Gigbot back in 2010. Founded by Sean Porter, Gigbot was a combination social/e commerce platform where users could buy tickets based on the shows their friends were attending. With this new acquisition, Pandora plans to take that idea a step further, suggesting concerts based on users location and most streamed artists.Reverb caught up with ex Gigbot CEO and ex Ticketfly CTO Sean Porter to get his thoughts about Pandora new purchase.Reverb: How did Gigbot contribute to the success of Ticketfly?Porter: There were actually two businesses inside of Gigbot: Gigbot Pro and Gigbot.

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