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Arthouse exhibitors in Venice aiming at innovation and sustainability


Berlin, 20/08/2018

The International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) introduces innovations and a new
project management for its 15th “Art Cinema = Action + Management”, the international
training course for arthouse exhibitors and professionals.

The 15 th edition of the international 6-day training course taking place in San-Servolo, Venice
between August 27 th -September 2nd is enhanced by important upgrades.

Three new actions amplify the training’s short-term return on investment:
– tailored one-on-one networking sessions for the participants, curated by the organisation
– a brand-new mentorship-orientated training for the Executive trainees, tackling a specific
challenge or problem, in addition to personalised sessions with the training’s tutors and
– online resources for the participants following the training.

Detlef Rossmann, president of CICAE, welcomes the new approach since “historically, the CICAE has
represented the interests of art-house cinemas worldwide, ACAM has been a key tool for 15 years to
help them stay at the forefront of innovation and with these changes we are assuring remaining
valuable to the exhibitor community”. At the same time, he underlined the important strategic role
of the CICAE into shaping public policy: “this 15 th edition’s focus topic will be the changes and
challenges in content distribution, how it affects arthouse exhibitors and the partnerships arising
from this context.” Two panels with experts and professionals will be held on this topic, one of them,
in collaboration with the Venice Production Bridge.

All these changes come under a new project manager: Javier Pachón, cofounder and director of
CineCiutat, a cinema run by a non-profit organisation from Palma De Mallorca, Spain, which he now
presides; their main concern being to create new ways of active audience participation and
marketing approaches. “We are in a crucial period for the industry with market concentration, digital
diversification and evolving customer habits, so it’s an exciting challenge and an honour to lead a
project focused on sharing knowledge and helping us setting a higher standard for art-house
exhibitors all over the world.”

The 6-day training programme will address every major area that affects arthouse cinema
management in these changing times for the industry: from business planning, funding and
employee experience, to programming, marketing and communication; as well as giving continuity to
the Green Screens session (sharing environmentally friendly actions for exhibitors).
“Art Cinema = Action + Management” is co-financed by Creative Europe MEDIA programme and will
take place from August 27th until September 2nd, on the campus island of San Servolo, in Venice

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