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CICAE General Assembly in Cannes, 2015

The General Assembly of the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) took place yesterday, May 14th 2015 in Cannes.

This year the Confederation is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a cocktail reception in Cannes and other major events during the Venice Film Festival.

At the Assembly the board of directors presided over by Detlef Rossmann, who has led the CICAE since 2007, was re-elected. Vice-Presidents Alain Bouffartigue (AFCAE, France), Christian Bräuer (AG Kino – Gilde e.V., Germany), Domenico Dinoia (FICE, Italy) and the General Secretary Romy Gysin (SSV/ ASCA, Switzerland) have been reconfirmed for another term.

Political debates at the Assembly focused on the European Commission’s plans to standardise European copyright laws, on the support of new VoD-projects as well as the online circulation of audio-visual works without geoblocking.

The CICAE judges the plans of the EU Commission as very dangerous, as they do not sufficiently take medium-sized businesses inside the film industry into account. The strength and the diversity of the European film lay predominantly on the cultural and linguistic diversity of the 28 EU countries. We firmly believe that the film industry’s necessary adjustments to the digital era should not lead to the suppression of successful distribution channels.

Arthouse cinema theatres remain the home of European films, as they contribute immensely to film circulation and their popularisation around the world. The European audience needs these cinemas, their support and their sustainability.

Detlef Rossmann

Cannes, 15.05.2015

The CICAE Board of Directors with Pascal Diot, director of the Venice Film Market

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