5 titles are made available to our members of the CICAE on CINANDO. Each year since 1990, the juries composed of these members give the “Art Cinema Award” to art house films in Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Venice, Vilnius, Toulouse, Sarajevo, Hamburg, Setubal (Festroia) and Annecy. The « Art Cinema Award » and the CICAE aim at promoting the diversity, richness and quality of art house films and brand the artistic and cinematographic qualities of a dozen of films in Europe and in the rest of the world.

The Screening Group on CINANDO aims at giving these awarded films another chance to get noticed by exhibitors, distributors, film festival programmers and other professionals who are directly involved in the quality film market, all of them being members of the International Confederation of Art House Cinemas. The video streaming replaces a classic screener and conveniently widens the films’ visibility. We encourage our members to offer these films an exploitation while the platform can also be strategically employed by international sellers who will find in this group a professional audience interested in the distribution of art house titles. The members come from the United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, the United States, Venezuela, Malta, Switzerland, Poland, Senegal, Croatia, Slovenia.

The CICAE is glad to currently show the following titles on its screening room :

AMNESTY, Bujar Alimani (Albania) – Art Cinema Award, Berlinale 2011 / Forum

Synopsis For the first time in Albania, a new law allows sexual intercourse for married couples inside a prison in Tirana. Once a month, Elsa takes on a long bus trip to visit her husband behind bars. Spetim shares this monthly event: his wife has been locked up as well. Out of the prison walls, a secret love story between the two visitors is born, until one day, the government votes on Amnesty.

The Jury’s Verdict :  “Amnistia expresses the malaise of a young generation that struggles to impose itself in a patriarchal and opressive society. Changes need revolutions and are rarely in effect, but with solidarity and mutual care, anything is possible. The camera close to the bodies unveils the subtle and sudden changes in mood and facial expression. With this technique, the film is driven by an emotional charge. The film’s unique atmosphere is conveyed by its photography and its unusual colors.”

MUSEUM HOURS, Jem Cohen (Austria, USA) – Art Cinema Award, Locarno 2012

Synopsis :When a Vienna museum guard befriends an enigmatic visitor, the grand Kunsthistorisches Art Museum becomes a mysterious crossroads which sparks explorations of their lives, the city, and the ways artworks reflect and shape the world.

The Jury’s Verdict :  “We decided to give the award to the very extraordinary film called ‘Museum Hours’ by artist Jem Cohen. This film represents the magic play between art and life, fiction and documentary. The film sheds different lights on the institution ‘museum’ and revives the art guarded there. With sensitivity it observes the glance of the museum visitor and at the same time it smoothly turns him into one of the artefacts. This delicate merge of art and everyday life has extraordinary multilayered effects on the film’s spectator.”

THE ORATOR, Tusi Tamasese (New Zealand) – Art Cinema Award, Venice 2012

Synopsis : O Le Tulafale (The Orator) is a contemporary drama about courage, forgiveness and love. Small in stature and humble, Saili lives a simple life with his beloved wife and daughter in an isolated, traditional village in the islands of Samoa. Forced to protect his land and family, Saili must face his fears and seek the right to speak up for those he loves.

The Jury’s Verdict : “O Le Tulafale strikes the audience with a universal story of love, courage, traditions and death set in a unique place with unique characters. The director takes you straight to a strange place of different culture that becomes your home straight away as you are watching the film. Despite the calm atmosphere of nature and the village, and the slow pace of events, the story is strong, attracting, involving and touching. We hope the award will encourage the young director to continue his work and be present in art house cinemas with this and future works.”

BEST INTENTIONS, Adrian Sitaru (Romania) – Art Cinema Award, Vilnius 2012

Synopsis : Alex, in his mid-thirties, is a quite neurotic character. When his mother is hospitalized with a stroke, the caring son’s life gets out of track. At the hospital he finds himself in a burlesque kind of human zoo full of unexpected characters and surprising events. Trying to manage the situation in between everybody’s advice, he’s coming hypochondriac. While his mother seems to feel perfectly fine Alex is making his own set of mistakes – throughout with best intentions.

Jury’s Verdict : “The film tells a simple and universal story, using innovative narrative techniques to reveal the characters. We encourage this young and talented author and are impatient to see this piece of art again in the theatres.”

WHITE WHITE WORLD (BELI BELI SVET), Oleg Novkovic (Serbia, Germany, Sweden) –Art Cinema Award, Locarno 2010

Synopsis : King, around 40, runs a bar in Bor, a mining town in decline, in Serbia. A loner, he lives only for the present, and his motorbike. Years ago, an affair with Ruzica, his best friend Animal’s wife, led to Animal’s death and Ruzica in prison for his murder. King now avoids everyone but Zlatan, Animal’s simple-minded young brother, whom King looks after, from guilt or pity. When Ruzica emerges from jail, though still drawn to King, she plans to marry Whitie, a good man who has proven his steadfast love. Her teenage daughter, Rosa, is damaged and wild, into drink and drugs. One night, she meets the legendary King for the first time. King is attracted to her youth, her untamed nature similar to his, or her resemblance to her mother: he doesn’t know and he doesn’t care.

Le mot du jury : “White White World is a beautiful tragedy that echoes to Greek myths. Its modernity lies into the strength of Oleg Novkovic’s film writing and the sincerity of his gaze on the contemporary society.”

More films will soon be available to our members.

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