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Reopening cinemas: Cinéma Le Studio, France

Reopening cinemas: Cinéma Le Studio, France

In this article, we have the feedback of Cinéma Le Studio’s team in France on how was their reopening experience.

Cinemas across the world have slowly started reopening. Curious to know what it feels like to go back to the cinema after months of closure, we have asked some of our members to give us their feedback on the reopening experience.

We have collected the first impressions of: Splendid Cinema in Riga, Latvia; Cinema Zlatna Vrata in Split, Kino Samobor in Samobor and Kino Valli in Pula, in Croatia; Kinodvor in Ljubljana, in Slovenia; Kino Tapiola in Espoo, in Finland; LantarenVenster in Rotterdam and Chassé Cinema in Breda, in the Netherlands; Cinema Rosebud in Reggio Emilia and Beltrade Cinema in Milano, in Italy; CinéMadart in Carthage, Tunisia; Cinéma Le Studio in Aubervilliers, France; Uránia and Béke Art Cinema Screens in Miskolc, Hungary.

Cinéma Le Studio, Aubervilliers (France)

We talked with Peggy Vallet, director of Cinéma Le Studio in Aubervilliers

How was the experience of reopening? How did your audience react?

The reopening is complicated, a bit like all cinemas. The audience comes back a bit, but it’s difficult to resume a lighter activity, with new constraints, fewer groups and no evening meetings. Our cinema is above all a place of exchange and conviviality, today we cannot maintain these essential moments.

The filmgoers were happy to see us again, especially the regulars. They sometimes still have a little trouble getting used to the new rules (wearing masks in traffic areas mainly), but they are willing to comply and come back little by little. For the first session, we welcomed them with home-made cakes and drinks, this moment was appreciated by the audience.

What worked out best at reopening your cinema?

The screenings for children from 2 years of age, “very young audience screenings”, which resume on a regular basis, worked rather well. We feel a desire from the moviegoers to return to the cinema with their families.


Have there been any unforeseen difficulties around the reopening?

We have to ask ourselves questions we didn’t ask ourselves before: can we make the paper programme available to the audience? When we rent the room, to what extent can we intervene to oblige the people present to respect the sanitary rules? How can we convince the majority of our spectators to pay by credit card even for small amounts?
We wanted to set up a dematerialized ticketing system but this proved to be more complicated than expected. Playing the role of “gendarme” to make sure the sanitary rules are respected is not something we are used to, or that we particularly like…

How did you implement the security and health guidelines given by the authorities of your country?

We initially reduced the capacity of the gauge by 50%, as indicated. We are maintaining it unofficially, because the new guidelines are really not clear.
We follow the rest of the instructions to the letter (wearing of masks in traffic areas, regular cleaning of public areas, provision of hydro-alcoholic gel for the public, ventilation of the room for 30 minutes between each session, etc.).


Cinéma Le Studio
Aubervilliers – France


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