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Reopening cinemas: Kino Valli in Pula

Reopening cinemas: Kino Valli in Pula

In this article, we have the feedback of Kino Valli’s team in Croatia on how was their reopening experience.

Cinemas across the world have slowly started reopening. Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain are some of the countries which allowed cinemas to reopen already starting in May.

Curious to know what it feels like to go back to the cinema after months of closure, we have asked some of our members to give us their feedback on the reopening experience.

We have collected the first impressions of: Splendid Cinema in Riga, Latvia; Cinema Zlatna Vrata in Split, Kino Samobor in Samobor and Kino Valli in Pula, in Croatia; Kinodvor in Ljubljana, in Slovenia; Kino Tapiola in Espoo, in Finland; LantarenVenster in Rotterdam and Chassé Cinema in Breda, in the Netherlands; Cinema Rosebud in Reggio Emilia and Beltrade Cinema in Milano, in Italy; CinéMadart in Carthage, Tunisia; Cinéma Le Studio in Aubervilliers, France; Uránia and Béke Art Cinema Screens in Miskolc, Hungary.

Kino Valli, Pula (Croatia)

We talked with Tanja Miličić, manager of Kino Valli

How was the experience of reopening? How did your audience react?

It is wonderful to have the cinema running again. The audience was delighted even though there were not many of them. It will take time for them to get used to the cinema going again as well as to forget about the fear of virus transmission since we’ve been corona free in our county for some time now.

What worked out best at reopening your cinema?

Strong PR. We are all tired of on-line screenings and absolutely long for the big screen.

Have there been any unforeseen difficulties around the reopening?

Not unforseen difficulties but there is a serious problem with film offer. There are hardly any new films on the market so we have to combine old titles with several new ones which are mainly independent.

How did you implement the security and health guidelines given by the authorities of your country?

Cinema Valli has 209 seats. After following the epidemiological guidences number of seats came down to 44. There is written information about about guidences on several spots in the cinema. Liquid for hand desinfection is right at the enterance of the cinema as well as in front of the cashier box. Volonteers who check the ticket wear gloves and masks. A glass between the cashier and the visitors has been ther from the start so we did not have to put one. Food and beverages are currently not sold.


Kino Valli
Pula, Croatia


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