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Digger by Georgis Grigorakis wins the Art Cinema Award at the Berlinale Panorama 2020

Digger by Georgis Grigorakis wins the Art Cinema Award at the Berlinale Panorama 2020

The International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas is proud to announce that the Art Cinema Award at the Berlinale Panorama goes to Digger by Georgis Grigorakis.

Film information

Greece / France, 2020, 101 minutes
Director: Georgis Grigorakis
Script: Georgis Grigorakis, Maria Votti, Vangelis Mourikis
Cast: Vangelis Mourikis, Argyris Pandazaras, Sofia Kokkali, Theo Alexander, Michalis Iatropoulos, Vasilis Bisbikis, Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Thitis, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos, Marianthi Pantelopoulou
Production: Haos Film,
International Sales: The Match Factory,

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A mudslide caused by heavy rain and forest clearance almost sweeps away the cabin at the foot of the wooded slope. But this is not the only upheaval in Nikitas’s life. Shortly after the landslide, a man on an off-road motorbike comes racing through the forest and stops in front of Nikitas’s cottage. For the first time in twenty years, Nikitas’s son Johnny stands before him, demanding the inheritance that was left to him in his mother’s will, namely, fifty percent of the land on which the reclusive Nikitas is now living. At first, Nikitas ignores his son. But there is also a company that is after the land; called simply “the monster” by the villagers, the firm wants to build a road here. To prevent the muddy ground from being pulled from under their feet, father and son have to dig deep into it. Together.

Jury’s decision:

The movie shows a very personal father-son story and contains a variety of social issues. For instance, the interaction of international capital in a rural community rooted in nature. The traditional way of live is threatened resulting in tension on a personal and communal level. The strength of the film is that the director provides different perspectives on the theme without judging. It layers tragedy and comedy with ease, and it has universal quality that is emotionally and thematically close to audiences throughout the world.
Contributing to the quality of the film is the high level of cinematography.
We believe this film has all the distinguishable characteristics for the CICAE label and unanimously award the CICAE Panorama Jury price to Georgis Grigorakis.

The jury was composed of:

Kevin Beck, SCALA Programmkino Lüneburg, Germany
Casper Houtmann, Chassé Cinema, Breda, the Netherlands
Tamara Viskovic, Zlatna Vrata, Split, Croatia

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