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“Fukushima, mon amour” and “Ilegitim” win the CICAE Art Cinema Award at the 66th Berlinale

“Fukushima, mon amour” and “Ilegitim” win the CICAE Art Cinema Award at the 66th Berlinale

The International Confederation of Art Cinemas is proud to announce that the ART CINEMA AWARD at the 66th Berlinale goes to “Fukushima, mon amour”, de Doris Dörrie (Panorama), et “Ilegitim”, d’Adrian Sitaru (Forum).

PANORAMA: “Fukushima, mon amour”

Germany, 2016, 109 min, black and white

Direction: Doris Dörrie

With: Rosalie Thomass, Kaori Momoi, Moshe Cohen, Nami Kamata, Aya Irizuki

Language: German, English, Japanese

Production: Olga Film

Distribution: The Match Factory


A young German woman, Marie, travels to Japan to escape her broken dreams. She joins the organisation Clowns4Help who seek to spread a little cheer amongst the victims of the triple catastrophe in Fukushima in 2011 who are still living in manshift stills. Most of the inhabitants are elderly people who were either not able or simply did not want to move away. But Marie soon realises that she is not cut out for this task. She is about to take flight once again when she meets the headstrong Satomi, Fukushima’s last geisha, who has decided to move back into her ruined house in the prohibited area. Maria helps Satomi to clear up. The young girl and the older woman could not be more different but they gradually get to know each other and both find themselves confronted by the ghosts of their respective pasts.

Declaration of decision by the jury:

““Fukushima, mon amour” is an absolute work of art, it is poetic and reminds us impressively that life is as unique as a dream.

Light-hearted, delicate, elegant, with highly skilled black and white photography, telling the story of two women from divers cultural backgrounds and how this helps them unite and chase away the ghosts that haunt them from the past.

It teaches us how to cope with mistakes you make in life, by accepting them in order to look optimistically into the future.”

The jury:

Tiziano Gamberini, Cinema in Centro – Italsar – Faenza- Italy

Ewa Kujawińska, Nowe Kino Pałacowe – ZAMEK Culture Center, Poznań, Poland

Richard Nüsken, SchlachthofKino, Soest, Germany

FORUM: “Ilegitim”

Rumania, Poland, France, 2016, 89 min

Direction: Adrian Sitaru

With: Alina Grigore, Robi Urs, Bogdan Albulescu, Adrian Titieni, Cristina Olteanu

Language: Rumanian

Production: Domestic Film, Film Produkcja, Damned Films

Distribution: Versatile Films


Sitting at the dinner table with his four grown-up children and their partners, widower Victor relishes his role as family patriarch. He holds forth on physics and wine until his son Cosma confronts him with the fact that his name has shown up in historical documents which indicate he denounced women wanting to flaunt the abortion ban in place until 1989. The mood abruptly shifts. Victor defends himself by pointing out that he is, after all, against abortion and that twins Sasha and Romi owe their very lives to this fact – their mother wanted to abort them. Yet when Sasha announces she is pregnant soon afterwards, Victor’s convictions are put to a true test.

Declaration of decision by the jury:

“We have chosen to give the Art Cinema Award to a movie questioning the relations between private and public without offering simple anwers; for an unconventional approach to acting; for finding the most appropriate cinematic language to dwell on a delicate topic. It gives the audience an intimate experience of a multilayered story about the intertwining past and present.”

The jury:

Aistė Račaitytė, Vilnius International Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

Michał Matuszewski, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland

Lysann Windisch, Arena Filmtheater BetriebsGmbH, Munich, Germany

Click here to see the award ceremony (from the 9th minute):

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