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Love 1. Dog by Florin Şerban wins the Art Cinema Award at the Sarajevo International Film Festival

The International Confederation of Art Cinemas is proud to announce that the ART CINEMA AWARD at the Sarajevo International Film Festival goes to Love 1. Dog / Dragoste 1: Câine by Florin Şerban.

Film information

Love 1. Dog / Dragoste 1: Câine
Romania, Poland, 2018, 103 minutes
Director: Florin Şerban
Film Script: Florin Şerban
Cast: Valeriu Andriută, Cosmina Stratan, Florin Hritcu, Vitalie Bantas, Mihaela Măcelaru
Cinematography by: Marcin Koszalka
Production: Fantascope Films, Harine Films, Non Stop Film Service


Somewhere up in the mountains of Romania, Simon, a woodsman, lives in almost complete isolation, until one day he finds a woman in the forest, who has beaten almost unconscious. He brings her back to his cabin, feeds her, clothes her, bandages her wounds, protects her. And before he can realise what is happening, before he can defend himself or flee, he is caught up in a game from there is no way out: he falls in love. And then he locks the woman up, ostensibly so that she will recover. When she tries to escape, he brings her back. And when his actions are too transparent and fail, he explodes in an outburst of fury and runs away. An outsider intrudes, bringing reality into the game and thus ruining it.

Trailer of the movie:

Notes of the CICAE’ Jury:

Using a great photograph in a minimalist context, the film builds a universal history; that speaks of attractiveness, but also manages to include tension and humor.
An encounter between a man and a woman, the change of life of man from the lonely man to man in love, a crisis triggered by the feeling of love.
Behind it, we have a film, what made you ask questions, about the choices what we do with the society, by example, or the statute of the woman in a society or else choose of falling in love or no. The CICAE jury choose LOVE 1. DOG, the film of Florin Şerban, for his differents levels of reading, which makes a piece of art movie and too with the beauty of the images and the particular use of the sound and dialogue.

Thanks to our lovely jury members: Roberto Ricci from Nuovo Cineteatro Divina Provvidenza, Edit Csenki from Otthon Mozi and Florent Paris from Cinéma Le Luxor and Oloron Ste Marie!

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