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Support your local cinema


Health is the most important thing. Please consult and follow the health recommendation of the World Health Organization and of your country.

Cinemas are very important to their communities, for they are the spaces where the magic of moving images, on a big screen, shared by many people at the same time, happens.

In this difficult time, where most of the cinemas worldwide had to close their doors, exhibitors and cinema professionals are putting an extra effort in staying close to their audiences through curatorship initiatives, live Q&As and other projects, trying to keep the mood of those confined to their homes elevated.

That’s why you, the cinema lover, the moviegoer, the audience, can also do something to #supportyourlocalcinema!

Please find below a list of initiatives launched by arthouse cinemas around the globe, because we think that #cultureisfood, #artisnotaluxury, and needs to be supported by all of us.



Support Stadtkino Wien and show your love with the hashtag #KinoLiebe:


Screenings on the city walls

Le Kinograph in Brussel is organising screenings on the walls in the city’s neighbourhoods: Le Ciné des Confinés



You can support and help French cinemas thanks to the platform J’Aide Mon Cinema, an initiative started by students and young filmmakers in France.

Online workshop

History of cinema’s workshops by the Cinémathèque de Grenoble: Ateliers sur l’histoire du cinéma

Virtual Screening

Many arthouse cinemas of AFCAE network has started a collaboration with platform Le Toile (which allow the exhibitors to get feedback on takings): AFCAE is currently in the process of establishing a partnership with La Toile in order to publish the films supported by the Association.



Support 33 arthouse cinemas in Berlin:

Support for cinemas through watching online publicity:

Kino Metropol in Leipzig crowdfunding campaign:


Become an artist and participate in the “Film Posters” Challenge, by cinemas ARSENAL & ATELIER in Tübingen – Pick your favourite film’s wallpaper and re-edit it in a Corona-edition. The best posters will be shown in an exhibition at the Café Haag next Autumn : Filmplakate Challenge

Screenings on the city walls

Windowflicks brings films on the walls of Berlin:


Screenings on the city walls

Watch a film on the building’s walls of Rome, organised by “Alice nella Città“:

Virtual Screening

DiStanza by Postmodernissimo and Cinema Metropolis: films that were screened in these cinemas in the past years are available now for the audience.

Beltrade sul Sofa: Beltrade Cinema is selling the tickets for the virtual screenings offering different discounts, giving the freedom to their audience to pay what they can afford/want.

Cineteca di Milano has opened its database to anyone interested in watching classic films of its archive online.

MioCinema is the first Italian joint platform, promoted by MyMovies, Lucky Red and Circuito Cinema, where people can support their local cinemas by watching films online. The audience can buy the tickets directly from their cinemas’ websites. The platform launches on May 18 with the screening of Les Miserables by Ladj Ly.


Virtual Screening

If you watch Göteborg Film Festival’s films on their platform Draken Film, you will support also the Swedish independent cinemas.



MUBI, the online streaming service and film distributor, has set up a UK Cinema Fund to help UK cinemas affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign ends on Monday 25 May 2020. Dear Virus you will not kill cinemas.



The America Art-House Campaign – more than 150 cinemas in the States joined for this crowdfunding to collect money for those cinemas struggling, so they can pay their staff and essential bills.

Custom film selection

Loft Streaming Select: The Loft Cinema in Tucson, Arizona, offers its audience a selection service of three films chosen from its streaming services. One way to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by the world of streaming: too many offers, the Loft Cinema team will do the job for you.

Virtual Screening

Kino Lorber launched Kino Marquee: a series of virtual screenings to support the independent cinemas of the States.

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