ACAM 2017

Practical information


The 2017 training will take place from August 28th to September 4th.


Application rounds

There will be two application rounds for the 2017 training:

  • The 1st session will be open from January 15th to March 2017. 30 candidates in the Junior and Executive sessions will be selected. This is the occasion for the candidates living far away to apply so that the travel costs are not too high. Attention: the candidates asking for a scholarship from the CNC (only for candidates coming from countries which do not participate in the MEDIA programme) have to apply to this session.
  • The 2nd session will be open from March 15th until May 20th 2017. 20 candidates will be selected.


All candidates needing a visa have to apply for it as soon as possible!

Application form

Choose a good photo of yourself on which one can clearly see your face! This photo will be used for the booklet distributed to all participants and for your accreditation to the Venice film festival.

Fill out carefully the part about your motivations. It is a decisive element for the selection.

On San Servolo

You have the possibility to stay on San Servolo Island before or after the training at your own costs. You can tell us about it when you are selected and we will book the room for you. Attention: all nights booked are due, no reimbursement!


When you have booked your trip to Venice, please give us your travel information so we can plan ahead (time of arrival and departure, train or flight number etc.).

Take a flight arriving before 2pm in order not to miss the opening session.


August 28th: arrivals. Beginning oft he training around 4pm
August 29th – September 2nd: training for Juniors + Executives
August 31st: beginning oft he Venice film festival
September 3rd: departure of the Executives. Training for Juniors
September 4th: departure of the Juniors

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