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FAQ – ACAM 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next ACAM taking place and where?

The 2020 training will take place from 31st August to 6th September for Juniors and from 31st August to 5th September for Executives.

Venue: San Servolo, Venice (Italy)

When can I apply?

  • There will be two application rounds for the 2020 training. The 1st session will open in February. This is the occasion for the candidates living far away to apply so that the travel costs are not too high. Attention: the candidates asking for a scholarship from the CNC (only for candidates coming from countries which do not participate in the MEDIA programme) have to apply to this session.
  • You will find the application form at the following page.
  • Be sure to have your valid ID/Passport with you, and a photo of you to upload, while filling out the form.

Do I need a visa?

Check with the Italian embassy in your Country, or with your Country’s embassy in Italy, if a visa is required to travel and stay in Italy. Ask also what kind of documents you will need in order to get the visa and what the time frame is for applying for a visa.

I discovered I need a visa. What should I do now?

All candidates needing a visa have to apply for it as soon as possible! Do not wait the second round of submissions. If you have problems obtaining it, contact us.

Application form

Choose a good photo of yourself on which one can clearly see your face (jpg format, max 1MB)! This photo will be used for the booklet distributed to all participants and for your accreditation to the Venice film festival.

Fill out carefully the part about your motivations. It is a decisive element for the selection.

What does the tuition fee cover?

The tuition fee covers:

  • Your stay on the island of San Servolo
  • Breakfasts and lunches for the entire period of the training course
  • Training material, training results and presentations, pictures and video.
  • Industry Professional Accreditation to the Venice International Film Festival

The tuition does NOT cover:

  • Your travel costs to Venice and local transports
  • Dinners
  • Any extra nights spent on San Servolo or in Venice

Tuition fee for 2019 (2020 to be confirmed)

  • €1,950 for Junior Session
  • €1,650 for Executive Session

Can I get any scholarship?

There are several options available:

  • CICAE is offering 2 type of scholarships. A Medium and a Strong scholarship according to the MEDIA programmes guidelines. People coming from low capacity countries, from non-profit organisation and freelancer with limited financial capacity have the opportunity to be granted a reduction on the participation fee.
  • National or Regional funding bodies: you can contact the MEDIA Desk in your country and ask if there are any funding opportunities available. List available also here.
  • CNC scholarship: this is offered only to participants who come from non-MEDIA countries.
  • Travel Grant: it is a rebate applied on the tuition fee for those coming from countries with high travel costs, and who cannot benefit from a strong scholarship or another scholarship for travel costs

More possible national grants and detailed info can be found at the “The training” page.

When will I know if I have been selected?

We will try to inform you as soon as each submission session is closed. You should consider at least one week from the application deadline.

I have been selected. What do I have to do now?

Selected participants will receive an email with a training convention (TC), which is an official agreement to be signed and send back to us.

Once signed the TC, you will be asked to book your flight/train tickets. Do it soon, before the ticket prices become too expensive.

We recommend you to get a flight/train arriving before 2pm in order not to miss the opening session. San Servolo island is about 1,5-2hr from Venice Marco Polo airport and 2,5hr from Venice/Treviso airport.

When should I arrive and depart to/from San Senvolo?

The arrival day is August 31. Make sure you arrive in the morning or early afternoon, to not miss the opening session.

Departure day for Junior trainees is September 7 (Monday) and for Executive trainees is September 6 (Sunday).

I have booked my flight/train to Venice. Do you need any information?

When you have booked your trip to Venice, please give us your travel information so we can plan ahead (time of arrival and departure, train or flight number etc.).

Can I arrive earlier or stay longer in Venice?

Yes, you can. But at your own cost.

You can also stay on San Servolo island, if rooms are still available for those extra nights. The CICAE will not be responsible of booking any extra night for you. You can book the extra nights directly contacting the reception of the island, after being selected:

If you want to book an accomodation elsewhere, we suggest you to look for rooms in Venice (San Marco, Castello, Rialto) and to avoid hotels at Lido which might be expensive, during the Venice Film Festival period.

What happens if I cannot come to the course any longer?

If you cancel after June 30, all nights booked are due (no reimbursment!). This because, the island of San Servolo is highly requested in that period and we have to respect their cancelation and deadline policy.

What does San Servolo campus offer?

San Servolo island is a small campus island in the Venice lagoon, with a congress centre, accomodation divided into 5 buildings, a cafeteria, a canteen (Mensa), laundry and drying facilities and lots of green.
The rooms available for the CICAE participants are few single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and few 4-beds rooms. We cannot guarantee a single room for every participant. We will charge 160€ extra for the booking of a single room (upon availability).

The whole island is served with free WIFI.

The rooms are provided with linings and towels, a TV, private bathroom.

Don’t forget to bring a plug adapter for Italian sockets.

What is the programme of the training?

The official programme is not available yet. But you can have a look at the programme of 2019.

The week will be structured as following:
August 31: arrivals of all Trainees. Beginning of the training around 5pm and opening event
September 1 – September 6: Lectures and Workshops
September 6-7: departure of participants

Do I have to prepare anything for the training?

You will have homeworks to prepare for the training course – please do them on due time, they allow the trainers to prepare specifically to support and advise you with the challenges you are facing at your cinema.

What do I need to bring with me to Venice?

You might need:

  • A laptop to work with your team mates, during the workshops
  • Mosquito repellant, as the island is surrounded by trees and grass, and the venetian mosquitoes are especially bloodthirsty and tenacious
  • A cardigan/jacket in case it rains and in case you go to see any films at the Venice Film Festival (the air-conditioning is often on and screens get cold).
  • A plug adapter
  • Euros, as Italy is part of the EU-Countries
  • Lots of energy, positive vibe and passion to share with the other participants!

What are the important deadlines to respect?

  • March 31 – deadline of 1st round of submissions (suggested for applicants of non-EU and non-MEDIA countries)
  • June 15 – deadline for cancellation, due to health/work/serious personal reasons
  • June 30 – deadline for sending us your travel details.
  • August 7 – homework deadline


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