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Art Cinema Award pour “Album”, de Mehmet Can Mertoğlu, lors du Festival du Film de Sarajevo 2016

Art Cinema Award pour “Album”, de Mehmet Can Mertoğlu, lors du Festival du Film de Sarajevo 2016

La Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d’Art et d’Essai est heureuse d’annoncer que le prix ART CINEMA AWARD de la CICAE a été attribué au film ALBUM de Mehmet Can Mertoğlu lors du 22e Festival du Film de Sarajevo. Le film a également remporté la plus haute distinction du festival, le Coeur de Sarajevo récompensant le meilleur film de fiction.


Informations sur le film

Turquie/France/Roumanie, 2016, 104 minutes, turc
Réalisation et scénario : Mehmet Can Mertoğlu
Interprétation : Sebnem Bozoklu, Murat Kiliç, Rıza Akın, Mihriban Er, Ali Meriç, Müfit Kayacan
Production : Kamara, A.S.A.P. Films, Parada Film
Ventes internationales : The Match Factory
Plus d’infos et des photos sur le site du Festival de Sarajevo.



A childless couple prepares a photo album of a fake pregnancy period – at the beach, at work, lounging at home. This way, their adopted child will eventually be able to recognize them as loving biological parents. And of course, they’ll have real documentation to share with friends and co-workers. Bahar and Cüneyt are an average middle-class couple with beliefs, dreams and preoccupations of their provincial urban environment. A child would complete their perfect lifestyle image, but adoption can be a long bureaucratic process, especially for picky parents. However, persistence and the right connections pay off. The proud couple goes all the way with the family history façade by staging snapshots in the hospital with their adopted baby boy. The earnest couple’s next step is to start a new life with their new baby. History teacher Cüneyt’s requested reassignment to a faraway city comes in quickly with his bureaucratic influence. But the couple panics when they discover that the adoption has been recorded in police records, only one step away from public knowledge…



Décision du jury :

The CICAE Art Cinema Award of the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival is awarded to a film which portrays today’s Turkish society, specifically the daily life of the middle class, and its conflicts between tradition and modernism, ambitions and social taboos. Besides that, the film depicts a bureaucratic system full of nepotism.
Cleverly directed, well played by two convincing main actors and based on a screenplay full of irony and a sometimes sarcastic type of humor, the film reveals the inner contradictions of a seemingly perfect and happy middle class couple that lives in a make-believe world and keeps lying to itself.
The CICAE Art Cinema Award goes to the Turkish-French-Romanian co-production ALBUM, written and directed by Mehmet Can Mertoglu.


Le jury était composé de :

Erdmann Lange, Atlantis Filmtheater Betriebs, Mannheim, Allemagne
Giacomo Martini, Italie
Pierre-Alexandre Moreau, Cinémas Studio, Tours, France

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