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Art Cinema Award pour “Wolf and Sheep”, de Shahrbanoo Sadat, lors de la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2016

Art Cinema Award pour “Wolf and Sheep”, de Shahrbanoo Sadat, lors de la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2016

La Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d’Art et d’Essai est heureuse d’annoncer que le prix ART CINEMA AWARD de la CICAE a été attribué au film WOLF AND SHEEP de Shahrbanoo Sadat lors de la Quizaine des Réalisateurs 2016 à Cannes.


Informations sur le film

Drame, Afghanistan, 2016, 96 min
Réalisation et scénario : Shahrbanoo Sadat
Interprétation : Ali Khan Ataee, Amina Musavi, Masuma Hussaini, Qodratollah Qadiri, Sahar Karimi, Sediqa Rasuli
Production : Adomeit Film
Ventes internationales : Alpha Violet
Distributeur : Pretty Pictures
Site web du film :
Plus d’infos et des photos sur le site de la Quizaine des Réalisateurs.



In rural Afghanistan, people believe in the stories they invent to tell each other, explaining the mysteries of the world, they don’t understand. Shepherd children own the mountains. Even though there are no grown ups around, they know the rules very well; the main one is that boys and girls are not allowed to be together, they have to be separated. The boys practice with their slings to fight the wolves should they attack the flock. The girls smoke dried branches of wheat secretly and play wedding, dreaming of getting a husband soon. They gossip about every one and everything, but mostly about Sediqa, 11, an outsider among the shepherd children. They think she is cursed, as an evil ghost disguised as a snake bewitched her grandmother.

Sediqa picks up her sheep and goats every morning and drops them in the owner’s house every evening. She dreams of having a sling and learn to swing it like the boys and hit a wolf. Qodrat, 11, becomes the gossip topic of everyone after his mother remarries with an old man with two wives. He prefers to be alone in the most isolated parts of the mountains. This is where he meets Sediqa and they become friends until Qodrat’s mother has to send him away.


Décision du jury :

“We decided to award the bravest and truly innovative film in selection. This beautiful adventure gave us the opportunity to discover a hybrid film constructed from sweet fairy tales, mysterious fantasies, touchingly portrayed real life, inspiring dreams, unique culture traditions in stunning and calm landscapes just before chaos and war. The young and talented director amazed us with convincing and spontanious performances by joyful kids and friendly animals. With this award we want to encourage European producers, investors and decision makers to believe in promising directors from such rarely seen countries in cinema. The CICAE Art Cinema Award goes to Ms. Shahrbanoo Sadat from far away Afghanistan for her powerful WOLF AND SHEEP.”


Le jury était composé de :

Olivia Reggiani, CinéParadis, Fontainebleau, France
Edvinas Pukšta, Kino Pavasaris, Vilnius, Lituanie

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