Green Policy

CICAE Green Policy

CICAE is committed to be greener and more sustainable, in its daily work and projects, and to advocate the message also to its members and to the participants of the several projects.

Being Green today is not an option, but an important commitment and modus operandi.

Daily Work at the Office

  • The office in which CICAE operates is provided by a green electricity provider.
  • We order only water in glass bottles and do use reusable glasses and cutlery.
  • We pay attention to the lights we turn on, and the heating system. They are off, when not necessary.
  • We avoid printing documents, and prefer digital to printed material, unless strictly necessary.
  • We take care to separate waste collection.
  • We use public transport or bike to go to the office.
  • We try to decorate the office with plants that can help purifying the air.
  • In December 2021 the Board of the CICAE initiated several working groups, one of them has the chosen focus of sustainability having in view the development of some useful tools (such as specific checklists for cinemas or guidance on finding the right suppliers) for cinemas interested in choosing to change their way of working.

Meetings & Travels

  • We prefer online meeting, than one-day in-person meetings.
  • We prioritise traveling by train, than traveling by plane, especially for travel distances below 400 km.
  • We compensate the CO2 emissions of our flights.
  • We print only necessary documents and share the rest online.
  • We check with the hotels we book their green policy.
  • We ask for water in glass bottles, or tap water to refill reusable bottles.
  • We prefer vegeterian menu, over meat dishes.
  • We prefer public transport and group transport when reaching hotels from train station and airports.

Training & Projects

  • We select green and local providers and suppliers.
  • We avoid printing and producing too much material, and when we do, we prefer products made in carton (instead of plastic), in cotton (instead of PVC or synthetic textile), and recycled materials.
  • Banners and bags for the projects are produced locally.
  • We ask the venue of our training programme for a waste collection.
  • The principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling are followed according to the possibilities at the locations.
  • We substitute printed badges and programmes with digital booklets.
  • We work with local food suppliers and prioritise vegetarian options.
  • We suggest our trainers and guests to travel by train, especially for travel distances below 400 km.
  • Some of our trainers or guests intervene remotely via live-streaming, to avoid long travels via plane.
  • In 2021 a green task force has been founded and introduced in the Dream Team (the supporting team of the training), to create a set of rules for the trainees to enforce environmentally friendly practices possible on the location.
  • The Arthouse Cinema Training has had dedicated sessions about green practices in the exhibition sector ever since 2016 when the CICAE has launched a Green Screens project and it is also one of the focal points for the newly added mentoring programme.
  • Additionally, since 2021, the participants of the residential training are requested to contemplate on how they design their “re-start your cinema” project as a sustainable venue.

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