Save the Arthouse Cinema Training

The Arthouse Cinema Training is in danger of disappearing after 19 years of continuous work.
The CICAE training is the only international programme that provides a comprehensive introduction to arthouse cinema and independent exhibition, and its disappearance would leave the sector with no alternative at this time.

A fellow alumni has started a petition calling for the support of the training. You can sign it here: and help share it!

#SavetheArthouseCinemaTraining #ArthouseCinemaTraining

Board of Directors


The CICAE is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of national association members and representatives of individual cinemas and of festivals, and a Bureau (or Steering Committee), which is formed by a President, 2 to 4 Vice presidents, a treasurer and a secretary. The Board of Directors and Bureau run for a two-year term. 

The Board meets at least once a year and takes main decisions for the financial aspects and the core activities of the association. During the annual General Assembly, where all members are invited, the Board presents the financial and moral report, which the assembly has to vote upon, as well as the evolution of the projects.

The current Board was elected at the CICAE General Assembly in June 2021.


The Bureau is elected by the Board of Directors and is formed by a president, 2 to 4 vice-presidents, a treasurer and a secretary. Additional members can be also elected. The Bureau is elected every 2 years, and has executive power.

  • Dr. Christian Bräuer, Germany
  • Guillaume Bachy, France
  • Domenico Dinoia, Italy
  • Mario Fortin, Canada
  • Peggy Johnson, USA
  • Cyril Désiré, France
  • Eva Morsch-Kihn, France
The Board of Directors in Cannes in May 2022 - Photo credit: Isabelle Nègre
The Board of Directors in Cannes in May 2022 - Photo credit: Isabelle Nègre
Member of the Board
  • Mira Staleva, Bulgaria
Honorary Presidents
  • Roland Probst, Switzerland
  • Detlef Rossmann, Germany
  • Gabriele Röthemeyer, Germany

Next election of the Bureau will take place in May 2023.

Board of Members

The Board of Members is formed by representatives of the founding members (Association Française des Cinémas d’Art et d’Essai, Association Suisse des Cinémas d’Art and the AG Kino – Gilde), by representatives of the members of category A (national or regional associations), category B (individual cinemas) and category C (festivals).

Founding Members

AFCAE, France

Represented by

  • Guillaume Bachy (newly elected president at AFCAE in autumn 2022)
  • Cyril Désiré
AG Kino-Gilde, Germany

Represented by

  • Christian Bräuer
  • Petra Rockenfeller
Schweizer Studiofilmverband SSV, Switzerland

Represented by

  • Tobias Faust

Representatives of membership categories

Members A
  • Domenico Dinoia, FICE, Italy
  • Michele Crocchiola, FICE, Italy
  • Mario Fortin, AQCAE, Canada
  • Javier Pachón, PROMIO, Spain
Members B

Members C

Honorary Members

  • Alain Bouffartigue, France
  • Micheline Gardez, France
  • Simone Lancelot, France
  • Volker Schlöndorff, Germany
  • István Szabó, Hungary

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