Save the Arthouse Cinema Training

The Arthouse Cinema Training is in danger of disappearing after 19 years of continuous work.
The CICAE training is the only international programme that provides a comprehensive introduction to arthouse cinema and independent exhibition, and its disappearance would leave the sector with no alternative at this time.

A fellow alumni has started a petition calling for the support of the training. You can sign it here: and help share it!

#SavetheArthouseCinemaTraining #ArthouseCinemaTraining

Arthouse Cinema Training

Since 2004, the CICAE organises and offers an international training programme for exhibitors and film professionals working in the arthouse exhibition industry. 

The Arthouse Cinema Training is organised with the financial support of the Creative Europe’s MEDIA Programme, the CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, the FFA - Filmförderungsanstalt and MIC - Direzione Generale del Cinema e Audiovisivo.

Starting July 2022, the Arthouse Cinema Training has been officially certified in France by Qualiopi certification standards.

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The Arthouse Cinema Training & Mentoring Programme

The CICAE Arthouse Cinema Training and Mentoring Programme (ACT) is the evolution of the until now called “Art Cinema = Action + Management” programme, an international residential training programme for arthouse exhibitors and film professionals, taking place in Venice. 

When applying for ACT exhibitors and film professionals can choose from one of the two options:

  • a one-week intensive residential training in Venice for 35 participants who will participate in the workshop “Re-Start your cinema” and which programme will cover essential topics related to the 360° of arthouse exhibition; 
  • a mentoring programme for up to 10 senior arthouse exhibitors throughout 6 months, who will follow one of the 3 lines of development: Be Diverse: diversity in film programming and film circulation; Be Green: green cinema development; Be Innovative: new business models and innovative projects.

The training programme will have in its component a residential training, workshops, online and offline individual and group mentoring sessions.

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Why a training in arthouse cinema exhibition?

The CICAE international training programme “Art Cinema = Action + Management” (ACAM) was created in 2004. The aim was to offer arthouse exhibitors the opportunity to meet their international colleagues and exchange best practices, as well as to build a community of exhibitors that could collaborate to overcome the difficulties of a constantly changing and challenging environment.

To evaluate the broader impact of the 18 editions of the training on the arthouse cinema sector, the CICAE launched a survey within the alumni network and asked a PhD student and former alumna to conduct a research, which was then published in the study you can find here in the available resources.

Objective of the training

  • Supporting arthouse exhibitors in their core challenges, offering knowledge about day-to-day operations and best practices, and the film professionals in better understanding the arthouse exhibition sector.
  • Communicating to the new generation of art house managers the specific knowledge (methods, tools, ideas and contacts) they need for programming, event organisation and management of an art house cinema.
  • Added focus on the evolution of the market.
  • Mentoring programme for executive exhibitors developing new projects about green cinema, new programming techniques involving diversity and film circulation or innovative business models.
  • Offering exhibitors a space where they can reflect on their practices, share their experiences and discover new opportunities in their industry.
  • Providing insight into the know-how and the challenges of the sector.
    Benefit from the skills of around a hundred top-notch cinema professionals and trainers.
  • Creating a network of contacts and exchange experiences with other peers.
  • Developping short and long-term projects.

Participants and selection criteria

The CICAE Arthouse Cinema Training & Mentoring programmes are suitable for:

  • Exhibitors, programmers and cabin operators of independent cinema theatres
  • Exhibitors planning to change their cinema into an independent cinema
  • Exhibitors planning to open an independent cinema theatre
  • Institutional and other film professionals wanting to understand and develop their skills in the independent exhibition industry.
Mentoring Programme

April – September, several locations – hybrid format: Suitable for arthouse exhibitors and programmers, or film professionals who have an extensive proven experience in the exhibition sector. For a maximum of 10 participants.

Residential Training

August 29 – September 4, 2022, Venice-Italy: Suitable for young arthouse exhibitors, cinema operators and film professionals interested in (re)opening an arthouse cinemas or having a better understanding of cinema management. For a maximum of 40 participants.

The working language is English (intermediate skills): it is necessary for the workshops, group work and for taking advantage of the networking opportunities.

Assessment Methods & Certificate


The programme is structured taking into account that a combination of different learning styles can offer the best learning experience. It aims to combine through the week acquiring (lectures and presentations), inquiring (participants looking up information for their projects), producing (groups of participants produce a 5-year restart plan of a cinema), discussing (workshop activities during the sessions), practicing (putting together programmes for special events and screenings series) and collaborating (working together in groups to establish their 5-year cinema plans) as learning styles.

The participants of the training programme are asked to work in groups of 5-6 people on a very articulate excercise which is part of the week workshop "(Re)Start you cinema". They have to implement everything learnt throughout the week and pitch it on the last day to a professional jury – as if applying for funding for the opening of a cinema. To prepare the task, each group is accompanied by a tutor (former participant and cinema professional) throughout the whole week and advised by 3 workshop leaders/mentors.

To assess what the participants have learned throughout the week, the workshop leaders, formed by long-time experienced film professionals, evaluate the projects at the end of the week after the pitching, analysing that the participants have followed the guidelines given at the beginning of the week, and that the budget plan presented is consistent and realistic.


Participants who attend at least 80% of the lectures and panels, and take part actively in the (Re)Start your cinema workshop get a certificate of attendance to the training programme.

In all the edition of the training, the success rate is of 100%.

The Arthouse Cinema residential training

The course includes:

  • One-week intensive programme around the 360° of cinema management
  • In-depth workshops covering diverse topics, such as: green cinema, innovative models for the arthouse exhibition, digital marketing and data analysis, business planning and budgeting, technological evolution in cinema exhibition;
  • Tutoring sessions on specific issues and professional challenges
  • Networking with colleagues and cinema professionals
  • Round tables about important themes from the film industry
  • Exchange and networking with the participants of the mentoring programm “Be Diverse, Be Green, Be Innovative”
  • Digital training kit including: useful template documents, interviews about best practices in the exhibition industry, videos and presentations produced to complete the sessions of the residential training, a list of recommended reading for exhibitors
  • Access to the Arthouse Cinema Training alumni meetings

    19th Residential Training

    29 August - 4 September

    San Servolo, Venice, Italy *


    Application will open on 7 February 2022. You will find the application form at the link below. Deadline for applications is May 31, at 5pm CET.

    * For those who might be affected by Covid-19 related travel restrictions, an online live participation will be possible.

    • To facilitate access for people with mobility impairments, the island of San Servolo that hosts the training is equipped with lifts and ramps to facilitate wheelchair access.
    • We also pay attention to the needs of those with health conditions or other disabilities, trying to facilitate their participation in the course, by adapting the programme, or inserting support systems (sign language translators)

    The Mentoring Programme

    "Be Diverse, Be Green, Be Innovative" Mentoring

    • The mentoring programme is divided into 3 sections, each of which will have a focus.
    • Be Diverse: the strand of the programme focusing on diversifying audiences with a view to attracting more young audiences, diverse audiences and developing an inclusive approach to the programming and audience relations of a cinema; the meeting of the group will take place in Sevilla in the framework of the year-long program of the Seville European Film Festival with the activity “Young Programmers – Moving Cinema” in collaboration with A Bao A Qu, from 22 to 24 April 2022.
    • Be Green: the strand of the programme focusing on supporting participants in reviewing their operations and activities in view of developing green practices and improve the sustainability of their venues; a Green Think Tank is planned for June 10, 2022.
    • Be Innovative: the strand of the programme focusing on the development of new business models adapted to the changes of the market and the audience behaviour, supporting the participants in reviewing their operations and business models to improve their results; the meeting of the group will take place in Sarajevo in the framework of the CineLink Industry Days of the Sarajevo International Film Festival, August 2022 (13-15 August 2022).
    • During the registration process, the candidates will have to choose the topic they want to explore and will work on it with other colleagues, accompanied by a mentor. Each group will consist of a maximum of 5 people.
    • Presentation of developments and exchange between the groups and the participants of the residential training programme in Venice between 1-4 September 2022.
    • Hybrid format: mentoring sessions online, two in-person sessions according to the selected focus.
    Be Diverse workshop in Sevilla: mentees and young programmers of Moving Cinema - Festival de Sevilla
    Be Diverse workshop in Sevilla: mentees and young programmers of Moving Cinema - Festival de Sevilla

    1st Mentoring edition - 2022

    6 months – from April to September 2022

    Meeting at partnered festivals (Sevilla, Sofia and Sarajevo)

    Online sessions in group and one-to-one

    Final meeting in Venice, to network also with the participants of the residential training.


    Application will open on 7 February 2022. You will find the application form at the link below. Deadline for applications is March 25, at 5pm CET.

    * For those who might be affected by Covid-19 related travel restrictions, an online live participation will be possible.

    Enrollment Fee

    *Travel costs to and from Venice and the mentoring locations are not included in the fee.

    Training: €1,950

    The participation fee includes:

    • Training material, online resources, and pedagogical costs
    • Online training kit
    • Accommodation on the campus island of San Servolo
    • Breakfasts and lunches
    • Accreditation to the Venice IFF

    Mentoring: €1,950

    The participation fee includes:

    • Training material, online resources, and pedagogical costs
    • Online 1-to-1 and group mentoring sessions
    • Thematic meetings at one of the partner festivals (according to the selected focus)
    • Accommodation at the partner festival for the on-site meetings
    • Accommodation in Venice for the closing event of the mentoring programme
    • Breakfasts and lunches
    • Accreditations to the industry programs of the partner festivals


    According to the Europe Creative MEDIA Programme guidelines*, the CICAE allocates a part of its overall budget to scholarships.

    *The List of low capacity countries is the following:

    • LCC Group A Countries: Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Romania
    • LCC Group B Countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia

    The following third countries are also considered within Group B, subject to the conditions being fulfilled for their participation in the MEDIA strand: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, and Ukraine.


    It is a reduction of the participation fee. It is granted among participants who satisfy all these conditions:

    • previously asked for it in the application process are working in an AV Low Capacity Country (LCC), and for a company in a difficult economic situation (small/strong debt)
    • cannot benefit from other scholarships


    It is a reduction of the participation fee. It is granted among participants who satisfy all these conditions:

    • previously asked for it in the application process
    • are working in all the other countries than AV LCC for a company in a difficult economic situation (small/strong debt), or are working in a LCC, and with a small profit/balance economic situation
    • cannot benefit from other scholarships

    Travel grants

    It is granted in the form of a additional rebate on the participation fee to whom satisfy all these conditions:

    • comes from countries with high travel costs (by proof of the tickets available)
    • choses environmental-friendly means of transport or with a lower emission impact
    • is not eligible for a strong or medium scholarship, but has high travel cost or cannot benefit from another scholarship for travel costs

    Other type of scholarships

    Participants are encouraged to apply for financial support with their national or regional funding bodies first. Please ask the MEDIA Desk in your country if there are any funding opportunities available. Kindly inform us if you apply to a national or regional fund.

    This list is not exhaustive!

    What they say about the training

    “ CICAE training is a beautiful opportunity to evolve. It starts as a training program and ends up as an inspirational amount of information and networking opportunities that can make a difference when you leave Venice. ”

    Bruno Castro, Alvalade Cineclube, Portugal (trainee 2021)

    “ The CICAE Training is an excellent opportunity to improve and rethink diverse aspects of your arthouse cinema or film club. The project team members are all experienced in the industry, and willingly share their knowledge: every interaction is a benefit - to improve your work, to share ideas and to grow your network. The training's base in Venice is a bonus, offering the chance to enjoy the best of international cinema in a historic and picturesque location. ”

    Aderinsola Ajao, Screen Out Loud, Nigeria (trainee 2020)

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