Save the Arthouse Cinema Training

The Arthouse Cinema Training is in danger of disappearing after 19 years of continuous work.
The CICAE training is the only international programme that provides a comprehensive introduction to arthouse cinema and independent exhibition, and its disappearance would leave the sector with no alternative at this time.

A fellow alumni has started a petition calling for the support of the training. You can sign it here: and help share it!

#SavetheArthouseCinemaTraining #ArthouseCinemaTraining

Cinema Policy

CICAE's Cinema Policy

The CICAE is lobbying for the arthouse sector at national and international level.

Key Positions

  • Encouraging arthouse cinemas across the world to work together on a national and international level
  • Securing funding for arthouse cinema from governments and supranational bodies
  • Fostering the distribution of high-quality films from all countries in all countries
  • Promoting the screening of arthouse films in order to increase audiences
  • Protecting and maintaining the release windows
  • Accompanying the development of green practices in cinemas
  • Supporting gender equality

Main Actions

Arthouse Movement Strategy

Panel on arthouse cinema strategy at Venice Production Bridge (2021)
Panel on arthouse cinema strategy at Venice Production Bridge (2021)

Since its creation, the CICAE's main objective has been to give a voice to the arthouse movement, representing and reporting on the needs of the world's independent cinemas.

In recent years we have been committed to bringing this voice to major film industry events:

  • by organising conferences and round tables, always keeping the importance of art-house cinemas within the city network and communities at the centre of the discussion
  • by participating in meetings of partners, public bodies and institutions, acting as spokespersons for the cinemas we represent
  • by emphasising with statements, press releases, the importance of the big screen and quality cinema, and its diversity, and protecting the release window

Joint Political Actions

The CICAE collaborates with several organisations of the cinema industry, but also of the creative and cultural sector, to protect diversity of cultural expression. 

  • We are part of the Audio Visual Coalition
  • We are often in discussion with Europa Cinemas and UNIC
  • We are part of the Advisory Committee of the European Audiovisual Observatory

During the pandemic of COVID-19, started at the beginning of 2020, we engaged to support cinemas in different countries with punctual analysis of the situation and regulations, to push funding bodies to recognise the arthouse cinemas as important chains of the society and to give the financial support, we gave voice to the cinemas of our network with interviews on their best practices as an example for other cinemas in difficulty.

Neues Off Cinema (Yorck-Kino group), Berlin, Germany
Neues Off Cinema (Yorck-Kino group), Berlin, Germany

Statements & Press Releases

Here below you will find the press releases and statements of the past years, in chronological order.


CICAE Press Releases 

Joint Statements

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