CICAE General Assembly 2023 in Cannes

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In the photo: CICAE Board of Directors (from left to right)

First row: Domenico Dinoia (FICE, Italy), Marlena Gabryszewska (Stowarzyszenie Kin Studyjnych, Poland) Detlef Rossmann (Casablanca-Kino, Germany), Christian Bräuer (AG Kino – Gilde, Germany), Guillaume Bachy (AFCAE, France), Tibor Bíró (CineFest Miskolc, Hungary).

Second row: Marcin Pieńkowski (Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty, Poland), Hannele Marjavaara (Kino Tapiola, Finland), Peggy Johnson (Loft Film Fest, USA), Javier Pachón (PROMIO, Spain), Tobias Faust (SSV/ASCA, Switzerland), Cyril Désiré (AFCAE, France).

Photo credits: Isabelle Nègre

The International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas (CICAE) has elected a new Board of Directors and Executive Board (Bureau) during its annual general assembly on 17 May 2023 in Cannes. The Board’s composition (see below) reflects the association’s commitment to representing expanding membership and global scope by increasing diversity, youth, and gender balance among its leadership. Accordingly, the Executive Board comprises four women and four men. The elected portion of the Board of Directors consists of six women and five men.

Furthermore, the CICAE is proud to welcome several new members from across the world, including the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Polish Arthouse Cinema Network Stowarzyszenie Kin Studyjnych, whose 241 member cinemas make it the world’s fourth-largest association of its kind, and arthouse theatre networks from Chile and Venezuela.

- Christian Bräuer re-elected as President -

Mr. Christian Bräuer, managing director of the Berlin-based Yorck-Kinogruppe and Chairman of the German Arthouse Association, was re-elected as CICAE president.

While audiences worldwide are returning to their local arthouse cinemas, unprecedented uncertainties such as market shifts, social changes, and the climate crisis, as well as the aftermath of the pandemic, still mark the sector.

- Regulation is the key to preserving creative independence and diversity -

Meanwhile, political actors and funding bodies have been slow to develop a comprehensive approach to face current challenges, says Christian Bräuer:

“The return of Arthouse-audiences worldwide shows the continued crucial importance of independent screens. While we have proven resilient in times of crisis and remain determined to defend the diversity of film and provide safe spaces for audiences’ engagement with arthouse film, the situation remains fragile. Unprecedented economic, social, and political insecurities require policymakers across the world and on all levels to support arthouse cinemas with targeted funding and equitable regulations that will ensure their independence.”

- The CICAE Board emphasises diversity, sustainability, and solidarity and calls for collaboration beyond the national horizon -

The newly elected Board highlights the importance of increased international cooperation within the arthouse movement to meet common challenges such as the climate crisis or global market concentration.

- The Board calls for comprehensive political efforts to support the sector -

For the CICAE, arthouse cinemas are vital to the health of the international film ecosystem. Respecting the principles of territoriality and equitable regulations (e.g., concerning film access and theatrical release windows) serves the entire industry. Moreover, a thriving Arthouse cinema sector allows audiences worldwide to benefit from a culturally diverse, locally relevant, and artistically valuable film landscape. Christian Bräuer:

“Today, community-based, mission-driven Arthouse cinema is more important than ever. Cinemas are spaces of discourse and encounter. In times of seemingly limitless choice online, of social alienation and global division, independent cinemas provide a link between local communities and open a window to artistic landscapes from across the world. Where arthouse cinemas thrive, local communities flourish.”

The Board affirms CICAE’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It maintains its support of a vibrant, multilateral democratic society and calls for ensuring the freedom and safety of film- and cinema professionals worldwide. In this spirit, the CICAE Board reaffirms its continued solidarity with Ukraine as it faces Russian aggression.

- Executive Board -

Christian Bräuer (Germany), President
Guillaume Bachy (France), Vice-President
Cyril Désiré (France), Treasurer
Domenico Dinoia (Italy), Vice-President
Marlena Gabryszewska (Poland), newly-elected Vice-President
Peggy Johnson (USA), Vice-President
Hannele Marjavaara (Finland), newly-elected General Secretary
Mira Staleva (Bulgaria)

Honorary presidents:

Roland Probst (Switzerland)
Gabriele Röthemeyer (Germany)
Detlef Rossmann (Germany)

- Board of Directors -

Christian Bräuer (Germany), President
Guillaume Bachy (France)
Tibor Bíró (Hungary)
Marijana Bosnjak (Croatia)
Michele Crocchiola (Italy)
Cyril Désiré (France)
Domenico Dinoia (Italy),
Tobias Faust (Switzerland)
Marlena Gabryszewska (Poland)
Tanja Helm (Austria)
Peggy Johnson (USA)
Hannele Marjavaara (Finland)
Javier Pachón (Spain)
Marcin Pieńkowski (Poland)
Petra Rockenfeller (Germany)
Mira Staleva (Bulgaria)

Honorary presidents:

Roland Probst (Switzerland)
Gabriele Röthemeyer (Germany)
Detlef Rossmann (Germany)

- Sebastian Nauman is new General Delegate -

The CICAE is pleased to announce Sebastian Naumann’s nomination as its new general delegate. He commenced his duties on 16 May 2023.

CICAE president Christian Bräuer (r.) and the association’s new general delegate, Sebastian Naumann (l.).
CICAE president Christian Bräuer (r.) and the association’s new general delegate, Sebastian Naumann (l.).

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