Mentoring BE INNOVATIVE Workshop at Sarajevo Film Festival

• Training

The “Be Innovative” workshop, part of the 19th Arthouse Cinema Training mentoring programme, is just around the corner.
From 13 to 15 August, mentees and mentors will meet at the Sarajevo Film Festival for a series of meetings dedicated to the topic of innovation in filmmaking, as well as private meetings.

"Be Innovative" is organised in cooperation with CineLink Industry Days and the Sarajevo Film Festival's Avant Premiere Lab.
Exhibitors and film professionals attending the CineLink Industry Days will also be able to participate in the lectures and presentations scheduled for 13 and 14 August.

The programme features marketing and communication experts, film consultants and successful exhibitors: Irini Siga (Biografcentralen, Sweden), Javier Pachón (CineCiutat & PROMIO, Spain), Jean-Marc Quinton (CineZephyr & La Fémis, France), Monica Sebestyen (Cine Arta, Romania), Armin Hadžič (CineLink Industry Days, Bosnia-Herzegovina).

We would like to thank the Sarajevo Film Festival, especially the staff of CineLink Industry Days and Avant Premiere Lab for hosting us (Maša Marković, Merjema Ðipa, Ishak Jalimam, Tina Hajon and Dina Mušanović) for their cooperation and great support.


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