Querido Tropico wins the Arthouse Cinema Award at Cinélatino Toulouse

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During the 36th edition of Cinélatino – Rencontres de Toulouse, the film “Querido Tropico” by Ana Endara won the Arthouse Cinema Award in the 43rd “Cinéma en Construction” section, dedicated to films in post-production.

The jury, formed by Juliette Duret of BOZAR in Bruxelles, Belgium (representing CICAE), together with Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro (Atalante, Spain) and Michel Zana (Dulac Distribution, France) stated as following:

“We were seduced by this delicate, subtle and daring first film, which depicts the meeting of two women who are separated by almost everything. Thanks to a duo of exceptional actresses, including Paulina Garcia, who we saw in "Gloria", and Jenny Navarrete, the film succeeds in bringing to life and making vibrant that space between two solitudes, that moment when the daily routine shared and the care for each other create an intimate and indestructible bond. Our award-winning film is "Querido Tropico", directed by Ana Endara.”

Querido Tropico
Panama, 2024, 113 minutes

A tropical garden becomes the backdrop for a meeting between two solitudes that will spend time together: that of an upper-middle-class woman with early-onset senile dementia, a disease that is taking away everything she once was, and that of a pregnant immigrant care assistant who is alone, cut off from the world by a terrible secret.

Credits & Casting

Directed by: Ana Endara

Written by: Ana Endara, Pilar Moreno

Cinematographer: Nicolás Wong

Editing: Bertrand Conard

Cast: Jenny Navarrete (Ana María), Paulina García (Mercedes)


The Arthouse Cinema Award

The CICAE Arthouse Cinema Award was conceived as an impetus for a film to have a wider recognition as a work of art and to stand as a mark of quality for cinema-goers and cinephiles.


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